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26 February 2019Ravenna, Bologna, Urbino From the Byzantine to the Renaissance
26 March 2019Murder and Modernism : Walter Richard Sickert and the Camden Town Group.
23 April 2019Art for an Afterlife - Ancient Egyptian Tomb Scenes and Funerary Goods.
28 May 2019Faber & Faber - Ninety Years of Excellence in Cover Design.
25 June 2019Vivaldi in Venice
23 July 2019The Power of Jewellery :Adornment and Ritual from Prehistory to the Present.
24 September 2019From Venice to Sheffield - John Ruskin's passion for Art, Craft and Social Justice.
22 October 2019The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-Offending.
26 November 2019The Magic of Pantomime

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Ravenna, Bologna, Urbino
From the Byzantine to the Renaissance
Shirley Smith Tuesday 26 February 2019

The lecture will celebrate the art and architecture of these magnificent cities and is designed to compliment the planned visit to Italy in May