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26 November 2019The Magic of Pantomime
22 October 2019The Role of the Arts in the Cycle of Crime, Prison and Re-Offending.
24 September 2019From Venice to Sheffield - John Ruskin's passion for Art, Craft and Social Justice.
23 July 2019The Power of Jewellery :Adornment and Ritual from Prehistory to the Present.
25 June 2019Vivaldi in Venice
28 May 2019Faber & Faber - Ninety Years of Excellence in Cover Design.
23 April 2019Art for an Afterlife - Ancient Egyptian Tomb Scenes and Funerary Goods.
26 March 2019Murder and Modernism : Walter Richard Sickert and the Camden Town Group.
26 February 2019Ravenna, Bologna, Urbino From the Byzantine to the Renaissance
22 January 2019John Singer Sargent - Power of the Portrait
27 November 2018The Winchester Bible
23 October 2018Treasures of the Silk Road - From China to the Mediterranean
25 September 2018Modern Art and The Old Masters: Tradition and Innovation
24 July 2018The Making of Landscape Photographs
26 June 2018Twentieth Century Sculpture
22 May 2018Northern Lights - Danish Art and Design C 1800 - 1960
24 April 2018The Scottish Colourists
27 March 2018Architecture Now
27 February 2018The Extraordinary Life of Misia Sert
23 January 2018The wallace Collection, The Frick Collection and their connection with Knowle
31 December 20172018 Lectures - please click on "Our Society", scroll down to "Documents". Open document headed "2018 Lectures" to view complete list of lectures for 2018
28 November 2017A 'Dickens of a Christmas and God Bless us Everyone'
24 October 2017The Art of Piero Della Francesca. The Light of the North meets the Logic of the South.
26 September 2017Gainsborough and Constable
25 July 2017Bhutan - Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon.
27 June 2017Masquerades, Music Lessons and Monkeys. The World of 18th Century Porcelain Figures.
23 May 2017Wonders of the Roman Empire - Off Limits
25 April 2017The Conservation of Paintings, Polychrome Sculptures and Frames
28 March 2017Germany's Post-WW2 Culture of Memorials and Counter Memorials.
28 February 2017The Grand Tour. The Perils and Pleasures of the 18th Century Traveller's Journey to Italy.
24 January 2017The Golden Section - Divine Proportion in Art and Architecture
22 November 2016Three Wise Men Gold Frankincense and Myrrh The Tradition of the Magi
25 October 2016AGM A brief history of western Bookbinding
27 September 2016Signs and Symbols the hidden messages in Paintings
26 July 2016The day Parliament Burnt Down
28 June 2016Great Tarts in Art High Culture in the oldest profession
24 May 2016The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths
26 April 2016Imperial Purple to Denim Blue The Colourful History of textiles
22 March 2016The Knights of Heaven warrior Angels and saints in Medieval Renaissance Art
23 February 2016Thomas Heatherwick "The Leonardo de Vinci of our Time" (Sir Terence Conran)
26 January 2016Tales of Mysterious Land
24 November 2015Picasso and Cubism
27 October 2015The Art of Waterloo
22 September 2015The Story of Russian Art
28 July 2015The Collections of Isaac and Moise de Camondo
23 June 2015Behind the Veil- the Arts of Islamic Persia
26 May 2015William Kent
28 April 2015The Mary Rose- Past, Present and Future
24 March 2015War Artists, Spies and the Art of Deception
24 February 2015The Agony and the Ecstasy- the Sculpture and Sonnets of Michelangelo
27 January 2015The History of the Harp

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The Magic of Pantomime Ian Gledhill Tuesday 26 November 2019

This lecture looks at the history of this peculiarly British institution from its origins in the 16th century Italian commedia dell'arte, through the influence of the 19th century music hall, to the family shows that are still much loved today.   On the way we examine the origins of some of the stories used in pantomime as well as such traditions as the (female) principal boy and the (male) pantomime dame.   The talk is interspersed with personal anecdotes from the speaker's years of working (and appearing) profesionally in pantomime.